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Cell  Tower LeaseVertical Developments is approached every day with the same question “How can I get a cell tower on my property?” Vertical Developments services are specifically designed to assist Property Owners get telecom equipment located on their property. While other companies just place your property information in a data base and hope someone contacts them, we actively engage those companies looking for sites throughout North America and not only place your information in their hands but work with those companies to distinguish your property from others in the areas they are looking to place telecom equipment.

Vertical Developments is staffed with telecom industry professionals who have decades of experience so we know what a telecom carrier is looking for in a site, and we can provide that information to the parties searching for sites on behalf of those companies. What does this mean for you the Property Owner? It means that if a telecom company is searching for a telecom site in your area, you have a better chance that your property will be selected. We have developed the necessary systems to make that information available to the Site Acquisition Professionals that make the decisions of where a telecom site will be located; this saves that company time and money in their search efforts and in turn increases the probability that your site will be selected.

Vertical Development’s services do not end when we find a party interested in leasing your property. Our commitment is to counsel and assist you, the Property Owner, through the site development process from start to finish.

Vertical Developments will assist a Property Owner in interpreting and negotiating the terms of any proposed agreement that would affect that property, counsel a Property Owner in assessing the fair market value of the use of its property (i.e. rental rates) and, most importantly, assure that both the placement of any equipment on that property has minimal impact and that your company is properly protected from any non-monetary issues (i.e. liability, compliance, taxes etc.) that are associated with allowing a third party to occupy and use such property.

Vertical Developments goal is to assist a Property Owner in optimizing its property’s exposure and in staying clear of certain pitfalls that could cost that Property Owner valuable revenue.

If you are open to having telecom equipment on your property, we welcome the chance to discuss our services to optimize the value of your property by enhancing your ability to obtain an untapped resource that can render significant long term revenue. Please feel free to contact us via either e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 615-385-2984.

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