Vertical Developments provide services to both Property Owners and Site Acquisition Professionals. Vertical Developments’ mission is to eliminate search time and reduce cost for Site Acquisition Professionals looking for tower sites and in turn increase exposure for Property Owners who are open to having a cell tower or other telecom equipment located on their property.

Property Owners

Property Owners from one side of the country to the other are constantly asking the same question “How can I get a cell tower on my property?” Vertical Developments provides services that are specifically designed to optimize a Property Owner’s ability to get telecom equipment on their site.

Unlike other companies, and they know who they are, we do not just put your property on a list and hope someone will find it. As soon as you engage Vertical Developments to market your property, we put your site in front on the people searching for cell tower and other telecom locations in your area. Vertical Developments’ philosophy is you can either wait for something to happen or you can make it happen, and our mission is to be persistent in our efforts to make
something happen for our Property Owners.

Furthermore, when we are engaged by a party interested in a Property Owner’s site, we work with that Property Owner to increase the chances that the Property Owner maximizes that opportunity. We work with our Property Owners so that they get the most and give the least out of any agreement they are asked to sign.

If you are open to having telecom equipment on your property, we welcome the chance to discuss our services to optimize the value of your property by enhancing your ability to obtain an untapped resource that can render significant long term revenue. Please feel free to contact us via either e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 615-385-2984.

Site Acquisition Professionals

Vertical Developments provides an online data base of potential telecom equipment sites that is available to Site Acquisition Professionals. Moreover, unlike other companies you may have worked with in the past, we not only have gathered the basic information about our sites, such as city/state and latitude/longitude, but we have professionals on staff that can provide you Site Candidate Information Package (“SCIP”) information that can make your job of finding a site easier, more time efficient and less costly. Our site database is constantly being updated and our experienced and professional staff is always available to assist you in getting the
information you need to make a decision about a site in your area.

If you are a Site Acquisition Professional looking to both enhance the efficiency of your search for a site and reduce the cost and time required to obtain the information you require to make a decision if a site is available and has the characteristics you require, we invite you to view our data base or contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 615-385-2984.

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